Thanks for your interest in Sacred Rites Sedona 2017
Lets's explore! You're information is safe and will not be shared with any 3rd parties.
Please share your name, where you're based and your EMAIL (so we can respond) w/ out your email we cannot get back to you ;)

What's calling you to Sacred Rites Sedona 2017 & how did you hear about this retreat?

Do you personally know Alokananda, Samantha or Both? If yes, What is your relationship to either or both?

Do you have a brand, business, vision or project you're working on? If so tell us a little bit about it & please include a link.

What do you do for a living?

Is what you're doing for a living the same as your highest excitement and offering to the planet? If the answer is NO, please share what your highest offering looks like.

Have you participated in any types of ceremonies before? If plant medicines were involved please share.

Do you have any major health problems or psychiatric disorders that we should know about?

Are you currently on any medications, anti-depressants or birth control? If the answer is YES please list.

What is your present yearly annual income?

On a scale of 1 - 10 how fulfilled are you with your present lifestyle?

Which of the following areas feels like an area that you're needing the most growth in?

Based on the last question, which area from the above would be your 2ND priority

Which of the following speaks loudest to your heart?

Have you worked with a Healer, Coach or been in a Mastermind before? If so when, for how long and what was the focus of your work together?

Have you ever been to Sedona before? If the answer is yes, how many times and what is your favorite thing about Sedona?

Are you ready to commit deeper to yourself? Are you ready to deepen your commitment to your visions, purpose and path? Are you willing to invest in this commitment?

If the answer is YES, what are you most excited to experience, come away with from this retreat?

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